mApps offers different outsourcing models to meet various needs of our international clients. Based on our analysis we are offering following model to our US clients:

As our valued customers are compliance with our custom-make model to come up with their software needs.

Fixed Time/Fixed Price Model

mApps offer this model, when the scope and specifications of the project are clear. Under this low-risk model, we work with clients to define project deliverables and timeline. Our advanced process guarantees consistency, certainty, optimized performance of the projects, assures timely on-budget outcomes.

Time and Material Model

Time and Material Model provide customer greater flexibility to alter the project specification in ongoing basis based on upcoming market trends. This model is designed for complex projects tending to specification and design changes. The client pays an hourly rate, which is agreed at the time of contract signing. The client may modify the team size optimizing the cost and duration of the project.

Dedicated Development Team

In this model, mApps forms a project teams with the essential project managers, team members, equipment and infrastructure based on customer needs. For such dedicated relationships, we may offer to implement customer specific quality or process frameworks trained meeting the specifications of our clients.